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Pleated Retractable Screens

Posted on March 11, 2018 · Posted in Pleated Screens

Pleated retractable screens provide a superior alternative to standard screen mesh options offered by most retractable screen manufacturers. Let’s take a look at what your screen mesh alternatives are available in the industry that provides both an attractive appearance and utility. Lastly, we will visit why the industry’s newest screen mesh option might be the option for you!

Screen Mesh Options

Listed below are the two most common retractable screen mesh options and a look at the new contemporary Genius pleated screen options.

  • Fiberglass Screen Mesh – this has become the standard material of construction for retractable screens and provides durability. The ability to make the screening more transparent is accomplished by decreasing the fiberglass yarn diameter but this also lowers the mesh strength. Yarn color can also contribute toward the transparent look.
  • Aluminium Screen Mesh – provides a stronger alternative and has a protective rust coating that prevents corrosion. Several color options are available but overall, these screens are less transparent.
  • Pleated Retractable Screens – The construction of the Genius pleated screen uses only the best materials available and the screen moves back and forth with just a gentle touch. For those applications looking for a distinctive look, the Genius pleated screen provides a fresh contemporary look not available from any other screen on the market today.

Pleated Retractable Screens Advantages

The major pleated retractable screens advantages versus other screen mesh options include:

Pleated Retractable Screens

  • Wind resistance – due to the pleated screen fabric and Kevlar horizontal tension cords, which provide additional rigidity to the screen fabric, pleated retractable screens are an excellent solution for wind prone areas.
  • Door size versatility – pleated retractable screens are designed to accommodate single, double French doors as well as panoramic bi-folding doors and window wall systems.
  • Versatile screen positioning – with a finger tip, pleated retractable screens that can stop in any position when moved across the door opening and then bi-fold neatly back when retracted and not in use.

The Genius pleated screen is the first pleated screen in the U.S. market to be able to be cut to size on site rather than being pre-cut at the factory. Interested and want to learn more? Check out our Sheer Classic, Sheer Advance, or ZigZag screens.

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